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3 Month Wake-Up and Thrive Program Membership

3 Months inside the Wake-Up and Thrive Program $149

We know that the best person to care for you is YOU.

We know that the best person to know how to make you happy is YOU.

We know that when YOU feel nurtured and cared for you can nurture and care for others in a much more peaceful, present way.

BUT, we also know that for you to do all of that, you need the emotional support of a non-judgmental community that encourages you and celebrates YOU being YOU.

The Wake Up & Thrive Program is your go-to resource for personal growth, motherhood wisdom and creative soulcare inspiration.

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Built by and for highly sensitive moms, the Wake Up and Thrive Program gives you ONE area to focus on in your life — offering a sort of daily background noise to being more intentional, more focused and more present.

The Wake Up and Thrive Program is:

  • Your go-to place for finding real, honest help with everything you are facing as a woman.
  • Your accountability partner in living a peaceful motherhood life with passion, flair and authenticity.
  • A group coaching program designed to deepen your awareness, presence and self-care practices and rituals so you can expand your joy.
  • The PUSH you need to mother yourself the way you need to be mothered.
  • A safe and sacred program for you to share your heart and get the help you need in whatever season you are in right now
  • Your Reminder to wake up and LIVE fully
  • Your motivation partner to change bad habits into healthier ones so you can have a more positive mindset and, ultimately, more abundance in your life.

Your 3 month membership includes our vibrant, supportive community along with the monthly intention resources that include a downloadable workbook, monthly podcast and a themed music playlist to carry with you everywhere so you never feel alone.

Our members have been holding meet ups around the world — taking the friendships we build online into their offline worlds.

And you are never alone in this journey — unless you choose to be. And that’s OK, too. We all need to hide in our quiet cave now and then and we fully support that.